How To Sell A Flooded House In Houston

Looking For Options On How To Sell A Water Damaged House Fast?

How To Sell My Flooded House
Want Options On Selling A Flooded House?

If you have recently experienced flooding or water damage to your house, we know this can be a trying experience.  Keep reading below for some tips.

You may have lost a lot of personal belongings, and you may be looking for options.  Should you keep your house or sell your house fast.  Our thoughts are with you.

We are always available to answer your questions whether you want to sell or not.  Call us today:  (713) 321-2888.

Stop the Water Damage

  1. Take pictures/video to document all of the damage inside and outside of your house.
  2. Call the insurance company and inform them of the damage.
  3. Remove all of the carpet and the furniture.  Move these items outside of the house on the curb.
  4. Cut out all of the drywall 1 to 2 feet above the waterline.  Wet drywall leads to mold, and you want to eliminate this as much as possible.  Remove the insulation behind the drywall you cut out and move all the material to the curb.
  5. Turn on your air conditioner and ceiling fans to remove the moisture.  Run dehumidifiers and floor fans if you have them.
  6. If you have roof damage, put a tarp on the roof as soon as possible.

Repair the Water Damaged House

When you go to sell the flooded house, you will need to repair all the areas which have been damaged.  The sheetrock will need to be replaced and properly painted.  The roof will also need to be repaired accordingly.  Your goal should be to make the house look as nice as possible.  Some buyers will be scared away if items such as walls and roofs have not been repaired properly after a flood.

Another way to give potential buyers a piece of mind and get the highest price when you sell a flooded house is to pay for a professional inspection.  A licensed inspector will review the property for water damage and let you know what potential problems you may have.

If additional issues are identified, you can get estimates for repairing the water damage repairs.  Contractors can get you bids on the costs and determine the scope of work required.  In some cases, water damage repairs in one area can lead to other required repairs as well.

Sell A Flood House As Is

If you do not have insurance or if you are not able to make the repairs for some reason, you can still sell the property as is.  You can advertise the property for sale and market the property for sale as is.

You could also enlist the assistance of a realtor, but in many cases they will ask you to repair the property before they list it.  In addition, you will need to pay their commissions and have it sit on the market.  Your better option would be to call us at Texan Home Buyer.  We provide White Glove Service where we take care of all the paperwork, you do not have to do any repairs, and you just let us know when you want to collect your check.

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