Scholarship Application Information for School Year 2018-2019

Applicant Requirements

Scholarship applicants must provide proof of: Current enrollment of your college program (General or Post Graduate) with a minimum credit hours of 12hr per semester. High school students entering into the college as the new freshmen year may also apply for scholarship with your given new college student ID and email. All applicants must provide two sources of letter of recommendation and one letter of recommendation must be from a currently faculty member of your school (high school or college). Letters of recommendation must be signed and seal stamped. Minimum grade point average must be minimum 2.75 our of 4.0 grade scale.

Required Documents

An essay of minimum 700 words explaining: Why you should receive this scholarship, what outside school activities of work or volunteering have you contributed within the past 12 months (working jobs/internships are okay), and what is your ultimate goal with the degree of your choice and how do you plan on achieving that goal.

A copy of your current college or high school transcript. Unofficial copies without a dean seal is okay. High school report cards are not accepted. A letter of acceptance from your college is required if you are a graduating senior.


Deadline is Central Standard Time 6pm March 4th 2019. All required documents must be included. Applications submitted after Central Standard Time 6:00pm March 4th 2019 will be reconsidered for the 2nd quarter of scholarship program ending at Central Standard Time 6pm June 4th 2019. Email, phone number, and permanent address must be included in the submission email.

Scholarship Prize

Start Date: September 4th 2018

End Date: Central Standard Time 6:00pm March 4th 2019

Winner Announcement: April 4th 2019

$1,000 One applicants will be chosen.


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